Why should I join?

  • It’s free! Anyone from any age group, nationality or part of the world can become a member.
  • Use this diverse international platform to have a go at making your dreams come true.
  • You can participate and support other member’s dreams by liking their posts and making comments.
  • Make connections with new people and businesses within our Dreamsrocket members community.
  • Stay up-to-date with current achievements and access your own personalised news, by customising your newsfeed and gaining interesting daily updates.

Come and join us! Become a new member today!

How does Dreamsrocket work? How can I post dreams?

We give you a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through Dreamsrocket, which will inspire and motivate you to create your profile. We recommend that you browse our current dreams or the public wall page to gain a better understanding of what you may want to include.

Basic Requirements

1. Complete a simple profile – include your unique username, profile, picture, location and any additional information that you may like to add (i.e. skills, interest, work experience, short bio.)

2.Create your first dream post – include the dream title, a short description, images and video to visually interest others in your dream.

Be as precise as possible and when the dream has been posted, you will be able to update the dream page as often as you like. There is also a classified section to display items that you can offer to other members, which may resolve one of their dreams too.

What types of dreams are found here?

We encourage all types of dreams, particularly ones that are mindful to take advantage of the great network of members that can help. They range from creative, realistic and even the ridiculous, to have true diversity and freedom within our platform.

For example, you might want to meet Madonna, learn to speak Russian, set up a business in another country, try some rowing lessons, own a Ferrari GT or even go to outer space! To get a better idea of the dreams that have already been posted, go to our dream page to see all the ones that have been successfully completed.

Please note that we do not allow incomplete dreams, dreams that are bad intended, inappropriate, or perceived as abusive, discriminative, politically/religiously driven, cross copyright infringement or illegal.

How many dreams can I post?

For the time being, you can post up to 3 dreams at a time and any amount of items in the classified section. The more you give, the more you receive. Therefore, the more dreams you support, the more dream space you will be granted.

How do I add photos or videos to my dream post?

Upload your image or video from your hard drive or through another site video host (YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo etc.), copy/paste the URL, and publish. The dream page can be updated later and more imagery can be added at anytime, but make sure to save the updates!

How does Dreamsrocket help make my dreams come true? Does it happen?

We assist you and try to make the process easy. However, the responsibility of making your dreams a reality lies with you and your fellow members.

Dreamsrocket enables you to connect your dreams, items and fellow members in order to potentially accomplish all your desires. It provides coaching tools for you to positively post dreams in the most lucrative way on our website and by other social mediums. It also suggests similar member interests, connects dreams with item solutions and gives you advanced search options to browse and view possible connections with fellow members.

How can I make someone else’s dream come true?

The new connections made from browsing other dream profiles gives you the chance to contribute fully or partially to complete other people’s dreams. There are many ways to help, from giving appropriate advice to someone, bargaining over an item exchange, putting others in touch with the correct person or even sharing private access to a place.

There is another way! Dreamsrocket are proudly raising a cash prize fund of $1,000,000,000 to award the lucky member who manages to gain the most support (voted ‘like’ total) from fellow members. Please vote for the best dreams you see, and you may put them in the hot top runners to win!

How can Dreamsrocket benefit a business?

The business image of your company will be enhanced and you will have more active engagement with the diverse members in the Dreamsrocket community. It will enrich your potential marketing strategies and it will give greater awareness of your generous ethos and market dominance.

We can also provide you with any marketing campaigns that you wish to integrate within our member community. Please contact our marketing department here.

The Dreamsrocket Award is being raised through sponsorship, predominately by contributing businesses. If you would like to show your support towards your fellow members, please donate towards the raising of the $1M prize award here.

How confidential is my information?

This is a key concern with all the information given to us by our members. We do not under any circumstances, give or distribute any personal data to third parties or partners.

Please read our complete privacy policy available here. This is reviewed at all times for your security. If you are experiencing any problems or suspect issues, please contact us directly on: privacy@dreamsrocket.com

Someone has hacked into my account/identity, what do I need to do?

As the sole owner of your account, you have the ownership of all intellectual property related to the account. We endeavour to prevent these situations from happening, however if this occurs, please report this immediately to our support team at privacy@dreamsrocket.com. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

What payment information do I have to provide?

We recommend that you use Paypal for the DreamsRocket Award Initiative, it is our preferred method for financial transactions. It is a simple, secure and international service provider. The funds are taken from the requested account and DreamsRocket verifies whether the transactions match.

If you do not already have a PayPal account, create one today for free on there website: www.paypal.com.

Any reimbursement circumstances will need to be reported in full to be reviewed by our support team on support@dreamsrocket.com

How do I provide updates on my dream?

To edit, change and update your current dreams, you can simply go to your dream page. Click “edit”, then “save” and your dream will be put into the newsfeed under the most recently updated.

We also offer a ‘news’ section dedicated to your dream for all your followers. This is particularly effective for members that want to achieve more from their current and connected support community.

Can I cancel, remove or change a contribution?

This is possible, but we recommend against it, because the dream creator are counting on your help and assistance. Please notify your fellow member and request the change, cancellation or removal of your contribution to support@dreamsrocket.com

Do I have to add tax to any of my transactions? How does it work?

This depends on the legislation of your country. Most European countries operate a non-applicable VAT scheme for individuals and non-profit organisations. However, most transactions are considered to be commercial purchases and will need to be considered for tax deduction. To find out more, please contact your local taxation or revenue service.

I have lost my password. How can I access my account?

Use the “Forgot your password?” link, underneath the login box and a new password will be sent to your e-mail address. The new password can be changed by going to your profile preferences.

Do you have more questions?

If you are currently experiencing any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at support@dreamsrocket.com

DreamsRocket.com is an Australian company registered under the name DREAMSROCKET PTY. LTD., ABN 44 601 197 353 ACN 601 197 353. All rights reserved.


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