Dreamsrocket Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms and Conditions”) govern the access and use, by the User or Member (as defined below), of the website www.dreamsrocket.com (“Website” or “DreamsRocket.”), as well as the acquisition of products and services through it.

Who we are

DreamsRocket is a social network that will allow you to post dreams and to see them become true, together with that you will have the oppportunity to fulfill other people´s dreams as well. You can post items, products, services, even offer your knowledge for the successful accomplishment of your dreams. It’s a collaborative and sharing platform for people around the globe who post their dreams and help each other. DreamsRocket.com is an Australian company registered under the name DREAMSROCKET PTY. LTD., ABN 69 122 330 287 ACN 601 197 353. All rights reserved.


User: Anyone who enters the Website.

Member: Anyone who registers on the Website with the objective of publishing, loading, adding and/or posting a Dream or Item (as defined below), using the procedures, mechanisms and in full compliance and acceptance with the Terms and Conditions of the Website.

Dream: any desire, hope, wish, target, goal, ambition posted on the Website. The posted Dream must be aimed at achieving a concrete outcome in any way feasible. The Dream shall be introduced and spread over the Website.

Item: any product or item that is offered as a gift by a Member of the Website to any other Member who may want to acquiere it.

Credit: any opportunity to post a Dream or Item within a Member´s Profile. Credits are obtained at the Registration (first three credits are granted when becoming a Member), and every time a Member fulfills another Member´s Dream or contributes to its fullfilment, or whenever a Member grants an Item to other Members.

Website or DreamsRocket: Is the website hosted on www.dreamsrocket.com.

Fullfilments or Contributions: are transactions of knowledge, products or services for the successful accomplishment of Dreams, including gifts or financial or any other kind or type of assistance or contribution to the Members in relation to their posted Dreams.

Users of Our Service and Members

All visitors to www.dreamsrocket.com, whether registered or not, are “Users”. If you want to create a dream, post an item, or help to accomplish another member´s dream you must register with DreamsRocket to become a “Member”.

As a member you will be given three inicial “credits” that will enable you to post Dreams and Items in the website for other Users or Members to fulfil such Dreams or contribute to its fulfilment and/or to acquiere the posted Item. At the same time, as a Member, you will be able to fulfil or contribute to Dreams and acquire Items.

For every fulfilment or contribution you make you are given extra credits. Complete fulfilment of a Dream means a complete credit, parcial fulfilment grants you a partial credit. Users or Members agree and acknowledgethat:

− The proportion of contribution is determined solely by the Member who receives Contribution;

− Posted items shall be granted solely at the discretion of the Member posting the Item;

− effective fulfilment or contribution as referred to above shall be the absolute responsibility of the Member making such fulfilment or contribution.

DreamsRocket shall not be liable for any disputes arising in relation to the aforementioned situations.


You may use our Services if:

  1. You are of legal age pursuant to your country´s legal regulations.
  2. Your membership or use has not otherwise been restricted, suspended or terminated.
  3. You are not using another Member’s account without her/his permission.

Becoming a Member

It is easy to become a Member by following the steps on our website, www.dreamsrocket.com. Accurate and complete information is required when creating your account and setting up and managing your Member Profile. Use your Settings to control your Member Profile and to manage how other Members communicate with you.

When you become a member you will be providing DreamsRocket with your email address. By doing so, you authorise DreamsRocket to use your email address to send you any notices required by law, in lieu of communication by postal mail, along with other messages, including changes to features of the Service, special offers and marketing, sales and promotional materials.

Once you become a Member, you are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account and for keeping your account password secure. You must notify DreamsRocket immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account.

You alone are liable and responsible for all losses or damages caused by any unauthorized use of your account regardless of the reason or cause of the loss or damage – and not Dreamsrocket.

General Rules of Use

As a condition of your use of the Service you undertake to make appropriate use of the services and/or contents of the Website and not to use them for illegal or criminal activities, violating the rights of others and/or violating the regulations on intellectual or industrial property, or any other legal standards that may be applicable and in particular, the principle of good faith that compels Users and Members to act in a fair, accurate and honest way. As a consequence of this, you agree not to disclose, transmit, introduce and make available to third parties, any material or information (data, content, messages, pictures, sound and image files, photographs, software, etc.) that are contrary to law, morals, public order and these Terms and Conditions.

As a consequence, you promise to:

• Use the Service in compliance with all laws, regulations, ordinances, directives, court orders and this Agreement, applicable to the use of the website and services.

• Use the Service so as not to damage, disable, overburden or impair the Service, our networks or systems or not to interfere with any others’ legal rights or use or enjoyment of the Service.

• Ensure you own or have a legal right to use the Member Content with the Service and do not otherwise infringe the Intellectual Property Rights

of others. “Member Content” means the content you use to create and manage a dream, post and manage an item, or interact with other Members.

“Intellectual Property Rights” mean all worldwide rights in patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, trade secrets, publicity, goodwill and all other intellectual property rights as may now exist or hereafter come into existence, and all derivatives, applications thereof and registrations, renewals and extensions thereof.

By way of example, and not limited, your promise means you will not use the Service:

a. To offer, sell or distribute:

i. Controlled substances (such as steroids, narcotics, tobacco products, prescription drugs, marijuana), medical devices or products or services presenting a risk to consumer safety

ii. Drug paraphernalia

iii. Bullying, harassing, obscene or pornographic items, sexually oriented or explicit materials or services

iv. Stocks, bonds or other securities, real estate, insurance or banking or financial services

v.Guns, ammunition, firearms, knives, weapons or accessories regulated by law

vi. Items promoting hate, personal injury, death, damage or destruction to property

vii. Items infringing or violating others’ Intellectual Property Rights, privacy rights or proprietary rights or wrongfully disclosing confidential information

b. To engage in, or encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in, activities which are illegal or, in our judgment and discretion, result in:

i.Infringing or violating others’ Intellectual Property Rights and/or privacy rights or wrongfully disclosing or using confidential information

ii. Promoting terrorism, abuse, libel, hate, personal injury,property damage, violence, racial intolerance or financial exploitation

iii. Causing risk of or actual personal injury or tangible or intangible property damage

iv. Defaming an individual or entity

v. A betting, wagering, lottery, raffle, sweepstakes, pyramid, Ponzi or similar scheme or game or contest of chance

vi. Unauthorized self-promotion

c. To:

i. Harvest or otherwise collect information about others (such as e-mail addresses or other personally identifiable information) without their consent

ii. Take any action that imposes, or may impose, in our sole discretion, an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure or otherwise may be disruptive including but not limited to “flooding” any group with posts

iii. Upload, post, use or otherwise make available any content that contains software viruses or any other corrupt computer code, files or programs that impair the use of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment

iv. SPAM or use or launch any automated system, including without limitation, “robots,” “spiders,” “offline readers,” etc., that accesses the Service in a manner that sends more request messages to the Dreamsrocket servers than a human can reasonably produce in the same period of time by using a conventional on-line web browser

v. Attempt to interfere with, compromise the system integrity or security or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Service or otherwise interfere with the proper working of the Service or bypass measures to prevent or restrict access to the Service

vi. Impersonate another person or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity, conduct fraud, hide or attempt to hide your identity

vii. Make any false or misleading Post (such as false or misleading information about the item, or in your Profile, or in a comment)

You agree that we are only acting as a passive conduit for your online distribution and publication of your Member Content without any obligation to monitor Member Content or disputes between Members. You are responsible for protecting yourself from Member Content or Dreamsrocket Content which is offensive or harmful.

DreamsRocket is not responsible for the actions of the Members who Post their dreams or Items on the Website. DreamsRocket does not own the Posted Dreams or Items, nor offer them for sale. Dreamsrocket does not intervene in the Support that other Members provide to Dreams or who agrees to fulfill such dreams or contribute to their fullfilment, and shall not be liable for the existence, quality, quantity, availability, status, integrity, legitimacy or terms of delivery of such fulfillment or contribution, as well as the ability to enter into agreements with the

Members or for the accuracy of the personal data they entered. You understand and take exclusive responsibility for the Dreams or Items that you Post and acknowledge you have the necessary authorizations for such Posting.

DreamsRocket will not be responsible or guarantee at any time the effective fulfillment of the Contribution offered by Members, Users or third parties to other Members. When performing operations with third parties, you make it at your own risk. In no case Dreamsrocket shall be liable for lost profits or for any other damage or prejudice that you might have suffered, due to Posted Dreams or Items in the website or due to the fulfuilment or contribution of a Dream.

Donations are made through external payment mechanisms. Dreamsrocket is not involved in the donations process and does not charge any commission. Any deduction to a donation, it is a transaction cost associated with external payment methods and not with Dreamsrocket. Dreamsrocket is not responsible for frauds commited by people or entities in relation to donations. You can report any User or Member that is making improper use of donations.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that Dreamsrocket may, but is not obligated, in its sole discretion and judgment, to:

a. verify your use at any time as a User or Member

b.permanently or temporarily terminate, suspend, or otherwise refuse to permit your access to or use of the Service or your account(s) or to remove any Member Content, Posts or other content or block any individual or entity for any reason (or no reason at all)

c. delay or withhold the payment of or reverse or refund any Contributions or other amounts

All without notice and without liability for any damages and without necessarily consulting any other parties. Upon termination for any reason, you continue to be bound by this Agreement.

Representations and Promises of User, As a Member, you represent and promise that:

i. All registration information you submit is truthful and accurate.

ii. You will maintain the accuracy of such information.

iii. You are of age.

iv. Your use of the Website and Services do not violate this Agreement.

Your profile may be deleted and your use may be terminated without warning, if we believe that you are under legal age.

Member Content and Warranty of Non-Infringement

The Service allows you to post Dreams, Items, details and information, feedback, comments, questions, and other information (“Member Content”). You are solely responsible for your Member Content that you upload, publish, display, link to or otherwise use or make available (collectively, “Post”) on the Service.

You represent and warrant that:

a. You are the owner of (or have all the rights and permission required to use) all the Intellectual Property Rights (as defined below) in the Member Content you Post or as reasonably contemplated by Dreamsrocket’s use of such Member Content and have the written consent of each and every identifiable natural person in the Member Content to use such person’s name or likeness in the manner contemplated by the Service and this Agreement.

Each person has released you from any liability that may arise in relation to such use.

b.The Member Content, with the Services and DreamsRocket’s use of such Member Content shall not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights, proprietary rights, privacy rights, confidentiality and rights of publicity or otherwise violate this Agreement.


You agree to read carefully and comprehensively these Terms and Conditions every time you accesse the Site, as these may be modified.

DreamsRocket reserves the right to modify, in its sole discretion, the Terms and Conditions at any time, or suspend, change or terminate the Service, which will be timely, published on the Website. Any changes will be notified 10 (ten) days before its application. If you do not agree with such changes, the contractual relationship will be dissolved and you will be disabled as a User or Member. After this period, it will be considered that you accept the new terms and conditions, which will govern the contractual relationship from then on.

DreamsRocket reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, any changes or updates to content and services in general, and to any elements of the design and configuration of the Website.


Without prejudice to other measures, DreamsRocket can warn, suspend temporarily and/or disable and/or definitely eliminate an account, submit the legal actions it considers at its sole discretion and/or suspend the provision of its services, if; (a) any law, any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, or other policies of Dreamsrocket is violated or breached; (b) any of the Member´s Representations and Promises or other obligations are breached and ; (c) the identity of the User or Member cannot be verified or any information provided by him or her is inaccurate or erroneous; or (d) if, at the sole discretion of DreamsRocket, malicious or fraudulent behaviors or acts are registered . In the case of suspension or cancellation of a Member, all its Postings may be removed from the Website without granting such Member any right or claim.


Members or Users shall indemnify and keep DreamsRocket, its affiliates, controlling and/or controlled companies, directors administrators, representatives and employees, harmless from any claim or demand of other member, users or third parties for his or her activities on the Website or for the breach of the Terms and Conditions, other policies that are understood to be incorporated to the present instrument including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees.

Nullity and Inefficacy of Clauses

If any provisions included in these Terms and Conditions were declare null and void in whole or in part or ineffective in any of the jurisdictions in which DreamsRocket has presence, such nullity, invalidity or ineffectiveness will only affect such provision or the part that is null, invalid or ineffective.

Privacy policy

Refer to our Private Policy terms available at: [copy link]

Scope of Services

This agreement does not create any association, joint venture, power of attorney, franchise or employment relationship contract between the User or Member and DreamsRocket. The User and Member acknowledges and accepts that DreamsRocket is not a party to any transaction performed between Members, Users and/or third parties in relation to the use of the Website, and that it has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the Dreams or Items posted or the truth or accuracy of its features. DreamsRocket does not ensure that Members will receive the Contributions promised by others, nor be obliged to verify the identity or Personal Information entered by Users or Members. Dreamsrocket does not guarantee the accuracy of the advertising of third parties that appear on the website and will not be responsible for the agreement and/or contract the User or Member enters into with such third party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions constitute a generic description for information purposes. The answers to the Frequently Asked Questions make no reference to all possible legal, tax, and foreign exchange regulations related to the participation of the User, Member or Third party within the Website. These terms and conditions will always prevail over the contents of Frequently Asked Questions and other information bulletins or newsletters published in the Website.

Applicable Legislation and Competent Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the legislation [see legislation].

Dreamsrocket and the User may submit any controversy that may arise from the provision of the goods or services subject to these Terms and Conditions, to the courts of [see legislation] , unless the contrary is legally established.

DreamsRocket.com is an Australian company registered under the name DREAMSROCKET PTY. LTD., ABN 44 601 197 353 ACN 601 197 353. All rights reserved.

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