DreamsRocket for Companies

Dreamsrocket Perfect System
At dreamsrocket.com you can post things you desire, and offer things or services you can give to others.All new users receive 3 credits when they first register.
• To post a “Dream” you need one credit point.
• To apply for a “Free offer” you need a credit.
• When you help someone achieve their dream, you earn a credit.
• The more Free Offers you give to others, the more credit points you earn for yourself. You will use credit points to post your dreams and to apply for any Free Offers of your interest.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The perfect online system for companies to show and practice CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR).• Best system to approach individual needs from the corporate perspective uniting large corporations with individuals with our one to one system.

• Best site for companies to evidence CSR improving throughout the community involvement.

• Responsible businesses will be able to measure the positive impact their behaviour has on their performance by actively engaging with the community through this system.

• By using DreamsRocket, companies can help solve some of today’s most persistent social problems.

• Best channel for companies to provide community services.

Dream Games

You have a dream, I have a dream, we all have a dream.

Dreams Games is a corporate social game where the company and the employees interact with each other.

How does it Work?
Each participant creates a profile and posts 2 dreams and 1 free offer for other users to access.
It is an exchange system that fuels and rewards the relationship among colleagues at work giving the company a mother role.
The Company provides the space where its employees are encouraged to fulfill their dreams, generating a collaborative workplace environment.


Dailing Abarist
Dream 1: Travel to New York and watch a Broadway show.
Dream 2: Run a half marathon.
Contribution: I have 2 tickets to watch an AFL game.


Matthew Liu
Business Consultant Barazic INC
Dream 1: Drive a Ferrari.
Dream 2: Have a beer with the Wallabies rugby team.
Contribution: I have brand new barbecue to give away to a good home.


Michael Adab
IT Security Barazic INC
Dream 1: Dive at the Great Barrier Reef.
Dream 2: Renovate my father’s backyard and barbecue area.
Contribution: I have a bicycle in good condition for whoever may need it.
Benefits for the company
Your employees strengthen their relationships by getting to know one another, motivating each other and generating a healthy team work.
This game allows participants to vote their preferred dreams and try to help colleagues to achieve them. It generates a continual mutual support.
Know the needs and aspirations of your team.
The Company has the chance to sponsor employee’s dreams and demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility within the organization and to the general public.
Makes the team to identify itself with the Company’s goals and improves the employee’ s commitment with them.
“When you discover your co-worker’s dream, it inspires you to help them fulfill it. Their flaws become less important and their dream is now your own… Achieving it together is a fascinating experience.”
Charles Jackson
“I thought that by posting my dream I would be ridiculed by my co-workers and thought they wouldn’t respect me as a boss. It was a pleasant surprise when I started to get their support. They were actually quite warm. I found out that the experience got me closer to my team. ”
John Carlile
“Initially I thought my dreams wouldn’t be of any interest. Is this a joke? But then I saw my colleagues’ dreams. I didn’t know some of them at the time, then I realized I could help them reach what they were after. The first time I ended up making friends, I felt so good that I ended up sharing my true dreams.. ”
Katie Smith
Company testimonial
“We are currently using DreamsRocket as our No1 Staff team building program. We utilize the DreamsRocket portal as a corporate game as an efficient and cost effective game that brings our staff together in building relationships, camaraderie, staff retention and most of all a culture that is in line with our company core values. Over the years we have found that team building programs were only as good as the staff that attended and only had short-lived impact, with DreamsRocket our total staff, including full time, part time and casuals get involved over a longer period and truly get to know each other without having to put unnatural material incentives in place to encourage participation, in fact they help each other achieve their personal goals and no cost to the business. This game works and our staff are looking forward to game 2 this year.
Thank you DreamsRocket for making many of our personal dreams come true and our business thanks you also”
Chateau Elan & The Vintage Team
Joseph Spagnolo – General Manager
The Vintage – www.thevintage.com.au


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