My dream is to add 10 apartments to my current home. Reserving 3 VIP Apartments and providing FREE yearly accommodation and tour.

My dream is to add 10 apartments to my current home. Reserving 3 VIP Apartments and providing FREE yearly accommodation and tour.

My wife and I are business people who live a humble and positive lifestyle, we have two sons and live together in our happy family home.

I have been trying to get an upstairs 10 bedroom self contained apartments constructed atop my current home for about 2 years now.

It is a beautiful family home with fruit trees and pets, two dogs and two cats, awesome neighbours and a friendly community, 5 minutes from the National Stadium, where parties and Sports happen almost weekly ..10 minutes away from New Kingston the financial and party capital of Jamaica.

I current rent a fully furnished and all utilities inclusive flat around the rear of the property and am a member of the Hostels for a few Colleges in Kinston, providing living accomodations for overseas and local students.

I receive so many requests for accommodation per Term/Year, that I had to ask neighbours to assist.

I am hopeful that You will be interested in helping me to fulfil this dream, in return when you and your family vacation in Jamaica accomodation will always be FREE, as I intend on keeping three of the apartments vacant for Vacationers. I believe if I receive generously I should also give generously.

All you have to do is call ahead so preparations can be made for your stay.


The package for my new vacationing friends includes..

1. Spending money of USD$200 which would be generated from the rented apartments.

2. Touring Kingston’s Royal, Bob Marley’s Museum, Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records, Hellshire Beach where you can eat the BEST fish and festivals, swimming in the Caymanas River, a naturally flowing clean clear watershed.. “make a list of places and I can take you”

3. Refridgerator and Kitchen stocked with fruits, food and drinks, to make breakfast and dinner etc..

4. A reliable Motor Vehicle to travel around with a tank filled with gas, preferably a Toyota Hiace mini van, “its more family friendly”.

5. A Helper to tidy up and prepare Jamaican meals, if you prefer and roll out the warm Jamaican red carpet treatment. 


Im optimistic about this dream and the assistance that will come….

There are billions of people out there and I know Dream Rocket can bring us all together and make our dreams come true..

Thank you for reading…


  1. Pablo Bogdan 24 Dec, 2015 , 14:16

    This is awesome Rohael! Make sure you include the amount of investment you need, so the community can know. All the best!

  2. Maria Dreller 11 Jan, 2016 , 12:50

    I love what you wrote. Im sure the right helpers will come soon to make your project a reality. Big success!

    • Rohael Douglas 22 Jan, 2016 , 23:43

      Thank you Maria, I really hope the right helpers come along soon too.. I vacation at BREEZES all inclusive hotel last weekend and it was awesome however the cost was a bit much.
      I think Jamaica is such a beautiful destination buzzing with outdoor street dances, fun, frolic, outdoor sun and moonlight entertainment, that it would be awesome if Visitors could save all that hotel fee and spend cash on shopping and gifts to take back home for loved ones. ONE LOVE!

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