Drive a Mini Cooper!

Drive a Mini Cooper!

I fell in love with Mini Coopers the first time I saw one. When I was 18 my dad gave me one, the toy sized collectible. Which is now sitting on my desk. It would be amazing to at least sit on the driver’s seat!


Me enamoré del Mini Cooper la primera vez que lo vi. A los 18 años mi papá me compró uno… de juguete. Sería un sueño aunque sea sentarme en el asiento del conductor.


  1. Broobe 21 Aug, 2015 , 6:09

    Muy buen sueño!

  2. Leandro P 3 Sep, 2015 , 7:09

    A very expensive dream!

  3. Moscow Madness 14 Oct, 2015 , 1:19

    My friend has a mini-cooper. If you can make it up to Houston, maybe I can convince him to let you drive it.

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