I dream with..

I dream with..

I’ll been dreaming with my own company for two years..to have a events company, where those who want to celebrate some occasion can deposit their trust on a team who understands their desire for that day and take that idea as they dreamed…

I dream with a future full of hard work and big dreams accomplish..


  1. Pablo Bogdan 17 Nov, 2015 , 13:55

    That is awesome Natalia! What do you need exactly to accomplish this dream? Let us know precisely so we can help! 🙂

  2. Natalia Andrighetti 20 Nov, 2015 , 5:12

    Actually I have to take some decisions first on my own. But I need connections, contacts for a place in the market…and also, equally important a job with a rezonabble payment that allow me save money to invest in this idea..

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