Volunteer/Work with Animals

Volunteer/Work with Animals

I have always been obsessed with all types of animals, ever since I was a baby. My dream was to be a veterinarian or zoo keeper, and to have a house full of pets from top to bottom (little weird, I know).

I followed this interest with a degree in Biology from the University of Alabama, where I worked as a head researcher in the animal labs. We published a research paper this past year (see photo)

I still would love to work with animals. If someone could help me find a way to work or volunteer (preferably once per month) at a zoo, with a research group, or preservation project then my dream would be fulfilled.


  1. Pablo Bogdan 14 Mar, 2016 , 14:14

    Hi Doug, If you are willing to travel to Australia I can connect you with the owner of this park: http://www.walkaboutpark.com.au
    I know for sure an extra hand will be much appreciated over there.
    Let me know amigo!

    • Doug Fair 16 Mar, 2016 , 10:31

      Hey Pablo! I don’t think I can afford Australia for the time being, but thanks! I am also looking for something I can commit to monthly.

  2. Pablo Bogdan 16 Mar, 2016 , 12:04

    Maybe in the future, just Let me know ?

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