Honeymoon in the Riviera Maya!!!

Honeymoon in the Riviera Maya!!!

I’m getting married next year and I really want to take my wife to a honeymoon in Mexico (riviera maya)

We have been doing long distance relationship for a while now, so this would be a great way to start our life together!!!


  1. Pablo Bogdan 3 Oct, 2015 , 3:05

    I’ve been there before, it’s amazing! Try to stay at the Riu Mexico Palace, there are 2, I’m attaching the pic of the one I stayed, great all inclusive!

  2. Pablo Bogdan 3 Oct, 2015 , 3:11

    They have this restaurant inside the hotel and it is part of the all inclusive deal. Really great!

  3. Robin Zimmerman Ritchie 12 Nov, 2015 , 4:41

    I’ve known quite a few that have vacationed there and they LOVE it.

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