DreamsRocket.com is a social network based on a pay-it-forward system where users improve their online reputation by helping others.

Why Join?

  • Make new friends around the world and share with them the experience of giving and receiving.
  • Reach your current goals, wishes or desires and help others reach theirs.
  • Grant and obtain free items via our FREE OFFERS section.
  • Be inspired by others and reinvest your inspiration.
  • Increase your access to your local and international resources through the exchange of skills, items and services.

The DreamsRocket Idea

Dreamsrocket was founded by Pablo Bogdan. He was born in Buenos Aires Argentina on January 1st, 1980. On October 25th, 2012, at the age of 32, in a critical situation, he broke his right leg, He spent 4 months without being able to walk.

During his recovery he got fed up with life, and prayed for a good idea.

In November 2012, the DreamsRocket idea struck him like lighting. He clearly grasped the right mechanism that would enable people to collaborate with each other easily. Technically, Dreamsrocket is a unique social network that connects members to give each other support in order to fulfill their wildest dreams. Spiritually, it is the possibility to focus our lives towards fulfilling our dreams and also engage and be able to help fulfill the dreams of others.

Dreamsrocket offers you an excellent opportunity to make new friends around the globe by sharing the unique experience of helping each other and living a true dream.

Pablo Bogdan started DreamsRocket from scratch and continues to improve it until today along with his exceptional team.


The Founder, Pablo Bogdan, actively uses the site himself and is devoted to making the collective exchange cycle stronger.

The Dreamsrocket Award

The Dreamsrocket Award is a cash prize award that will be given to the user who collects the greatest amount of “GO!” support on his/her posted dream.

We are currently raising funds through sponsorships and other donations towards the $1,000,000 USD jackpot. The first most voted will receive 80% of the prize, the second most voted will receive 15%, and the third, will receive 5%.

Stay tuned to find out the date the reward is granted.

Dreamsrocket and its community would gladly welcome any support offered towards this jackpot. Please consider donating towards the collective jackpot amount here. Minimum donation: USD $1.00.- Donation page.

If you’d like to sponsor this award or offer our team advice on potential sponsors or approachable contributors, please contact us here.

DreamsRocket.com is an Australian company registered under the name DREAMSROCKET PTY. LTD., ABN 44 601 197 353 ACN 601 197 353. All rights reserved.


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