I would like a Literary agent and publisher to take in me as an author, and my new children’s novel; Off Your Trolley

I would like a Literary agent and publisher to take in me as an author, and my new children’s novel; Off Your Trolley

I am a children’s and YA author and I invite you to read my book; Off Your Trolley.

It’s my dream to sell my books to the rest of the world and would love to be taken on by a Literary Agent/Publisher who can go beyond the horizon to sell my books.

I have already published it as an Ebook but it needs some extra push from a publisher….can it be you? If it is get in contact with me and we can do this.

Here it is: https://www.amazon.com.au/Off-Your-Trolley-Robert-Whittleton-ebook/dp/B076FXNL3J

It’s a privilage to know young children will enjoy this wonderful story about the adventures of a bunch of friendly, and some not so friendly, supermarket shopping trolleys who get into a lot of mess and trouble after encountering two thieves, dealing with a nasty boss and creating havoc, while befriending two shop floor supermarket workers, who help the trolleys to catch these nasty thieves.

It’s the first in a series of four books following these shopping trolleys.

I am currently writing my second book in this series of four called, “Piwee’s Spy Adventure”. Piwee is a cheeky adventurous little yellow and red kiddies shopping trolley with a little flag attached to him. This story takes the trolleys on a spy and rescue mission into Europe to find Piwee who goes missing, along with Ranger, a mysterious spy trolley.
The third book is called, “The Rise of the Dustbins”. The dustbins are led by an underworld character, who’s identity is kept in the dark till later in this series and the fourth and last book is called, “A Dash to the Finish”.
There is also a possibility I could factor in another book which I have pencilled in as “The Trolleys Go Bush”, an Aussie outback adventure.
I have also almost completed the editing stages of a mystery book for teenagers. It is set in 1950’s England and follows four young teens, a mysterious dark cult who will stop at mothing to divert the true destiny of these teenagers, which is written into their lives…………….. and medieval ghosts from the past….so they think!


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